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The Giltweasel is a poetry 'zine I've produced off and on for the past decade. I started it to highlight the poetry scene in my area until I found out there was none. In about mid-June '95 I made my way onto IRC(internet relay chat) and found the #poetry channel. Here I found a great wealth of talent, and not only that, I found much poetry that I could enjoy.

February 2008. Yes. The Giltweasel will rise from the ashes. I'm working on acquiring artwork, printing services, ISBN and UPC licensing, and distribution. This is going to happen. All that remains is to acquire submissions. You know what to do in that regard. Any address you find on this website itself should work. If you really want to get in touch with me fast, get on IRC '

August 17, 2004 Update! The Giltweasel is getting ready to ramp up production again, so if you're an old time reader or subscriber, send me an email to make sure I have your current address. If you've been published in The Giltweasel and you have any new works you would like to see in print, send them my way. We're always looking for interesting material.

The Giltweasel has been a non-profit monthly, digest sized "zine" with a one-time subscriber list of 500 addresses, including libraries and individuals. Issues have been offered to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, and are distributed in the St. Louis area by foot work of yours truly. If you would like to be added to my mailing list send me an email or a snail mail with your postal address or a postal drop. The Giltweasel is a print zine first. The internet presence serves the print mag, so that's where I put the focus.
I take Submissions mostly from the EFnet IRC channel #poetry but I welcome any poets to offer their work for publication. I welcome any one to mail their poems for consideration to the following addresses:
The Giltweasel
290 Hidden Lane
Union, Missouri 63084
Or you can e-mail to:
I'll get email sent to that address, but for a specific (and quicker) submission send to "submit 'at'"
You should be able to parse out the address there.
Questions? Comments? Send them to
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